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The day after the legislative session ended, the governor began an organized campaign tour over 10 cities to decry the efforts of the legislature and place all blame at the feet of the Democrats. It is my opinion that we are all equally responsible in the situation.
We passed a number of budget measures and the governor has vetoed all but one, calling them out of balance and saying that “all Democrats want is a tax increase.” Let me be the first to say that I don’t want a tax increase, and neither do the people I represent. They do, however, want a balanced budget that provides for the essentials of state government.
So what I want to say to Governor Rauner is this: Show us your cuts. For the second year in a row, you have accused the legislature of not living up to its constitutional duties, while you have likewise failed in that task.
So show us your cuts. 90% of the budget appropriations are either required by consent decree, court order, state statute or federal mandate. 100% of our current revenues (taxes) cover 90% of our current expenses (appropriations). So what of the remaining 10% would you cut? That 10% includes higher education and other social service programs.
The General Assembly has sent budgets that we view to be socially responsible. If the governor does not agree, then it is well past time for him to indicate where he feels cuts should be made. I call on him to aid us in the cuts that need to be made. Does the governor want to cut higher education? Does the governor want to cut services to our elderly or disabled?
Show us your cuts, governor. If you don’t agree with our ideas on what it should look like, then get off of the road and join us at the table. The entire state is waiting. Don’t let our most vulnerable wait in vain.
And if you can’t cut the costs, where’s your plan to pay for them?




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