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I’ve been back home for a few days since the end of the legislative session, taking phone calls and answering emails from constituents who are outraged about the condition of the state. Through those discussions, I have realized a couple of things.

The number one issue I hear is that people are frustrated that the state isn’t serving the people of Illinois. Loudly and clearly, I hear calls from my constituents for unity between General Assembly and the governor. They want us to pass a budget that doesn’t leave people stranded without the support they desperately need.

No one wants the disabled to go without essential care. No one wants to force classroom cuts or layoffs at public schools. No one wants to continue down the path that we seemingly can’t get off of.

At the same time, the governor has been traveling around the state on a rampage to not only divide the legislature, but to divide the state. Instead of using his time and resources to endlessly tour the state talking about what’s wrong, I call on the governor to do the right thing. Sit down with legislators, compromise on a budget, continue to hash out reform ideas.
While it may seem like we are far from getting anything done, I’m still hopeful that we can come together and resolve the impasse. We need to put our differences aside and work toward a common goal: to fund essential services in the state. We are already in a dire position and can’t wait any longer. Unity is the only way forward.



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Senator Mulroe speaking on the Senate floorSPRINGFIELD – Last year the General Assembly passed a measure that would add 3D mammography to the list of low-dose mammograms covered by insurance agencies. In an effort to correct issues with that proposal, Senator John Mulroe (D-Chicago) has sponsored a new piece of legislation.

“When we worked on the previous measure, I told the insurance companies ‘Get on board or I’m coming back,’” Mulroe continued. “This is too important to drag our feet on."

Under the previous measure, insurance companies were required to cover 3D mammography but only Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield covered the screening. Other insurance companies followed suit, but not quickly enough.

Previous technologies only took a single dimension view of breast tissue when screening for cancerous cells. Tomosynthesis, also known as a 3D mammogram, takes a multidimensional view of the breast during the screening. As a result, a 3D mammogram has a higher success rate of detecting cancerous cells that are often difficult to detect, due to either size or dense breast tissue.

Senate Bill 466 amends the insurance code by adding tomosynthesis to the list of definitions of low-dose mammograms. As a result, the insurance mandate will cover 3D mammograms as well as the traditional 2D mammograms.

“I strongly believe that this legislation will help save lives of at-risk women who may not have known about this technology or may not have been previously covered,” Mulroe said. “It is our duty to protect the health and well-being of people in this state, and if we can save them time, money and emotional hardship then that is a bonus.”

After the legislation’s success in the Senate and House, it now moves to the governor’s desk.

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Senator MulroeSenator John G. Mulroe (D-Chicago) released the following statement on the O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission’s upcoming vote on the Interim Fly Quiet Plan at O’Hare.

“The proposed Interim Fly Quiet Plan is a sensible solution that will use the diagonal runways to distribute jet noise and quiet the skies during the night. It will bring much-needed relief to the communities that bear the brunt of the noise increase from the airport’s expansion. While the proposal is not perfect, it is a step forward that brings real solutions to address the growing concerns of the community.”

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Today, I welcomed guests to the Capitol. These men and women came to speak about Red Sari Day, which I was honored to promote awareness of by sponsoring Senate Resolution 1463. "Red Sari Day" serves to create awareness of the high risk of cardiovascular disease among the South Asian population.

Pictured here are my guests, along with Senator Laura Murphy and Representative Elaine Nektriz.

Senator Mulroe poses with guests and Senator Laura Murphy for Red Sari Day

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Working Families

O'Hare Noise Complaints



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