There’s been a lot of talk about Zika virus in the news lately, and I wanted to provide you with a brief Q&A on what it is, what it can do, and how to prevent it. For more detailed information from the Illinois Department of Public Health, please visit the their webpage on the Zika virus. Click here for a downloadable version of our fact sheet.

Zika Virus Fact Sheet

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Senator Mulroe listensSPRINGFIELD – Following his first year on the job, Senator John Mulroe (D-Chicago) has released the following statement regarding the governor’s State of the State address:

“I would hope that we can chalk the first year up to a learning curve,” Mulroe said. “Unfortunately, we can’t walk back the clock and some of the mistakes made in the past year have caused people harm. But I am hopeful that together we can work towards bipartisan legislation that would benefit all people in Illinois. Compromise is the path we should be taking, and I look forward to seeing my fellow legislators and the governor do just that.”

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Proposed Design for the Chicago Veterans HomeSPRINGFIELD – A project to build a veterans’ home on Chicago’s Northwest Side has been stalled since the budget impasse started in July. A new proposal by State Senator John G. Mulroe (D-Chicago) would fund the project to let construction resume immediately.

“I am sick and tired of politics getting in the way of our state providing the basic services that are required by our constitution,” Mulroe said. “Letting the construction of a veterans’ home get caught up in this budget mess is unacceptable.”

Senate Bill 2225 would free up over $60 million that has been dedicated to and intended for building the 200-bed facility.

“This facility will provide specialized medical care for the brave men and women who fought for our country, some of whom have Alzheimer’s and dementia,” Mulroe said. “We need to come together to take care of our veterans. They deserve nothing less.”

The measure was introduced on January 13.

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Senator Mulroe in committeeSPRINGFIELD – Following the governor’s announcement this morning that it would be filing an Unfair Labor Practices Act against AFSCME with the Labor Relations Board, Senator John Mulroe (D-Chicago) has released the following statement regarding the administration’s opinion of bad faith negotiations:

“We have been witnessing a pattern of unreasonable negotiations since July when the governor failed to uphold his constitutional duty to sign a balanced budget into law. Middle-class families, the elderly, the disabled and our poorest citizens are feeling real pain as the New Year begins, and the governor has the gall to claim that AFSCME is negotiating in bad faith?

I won’t claim to know what has been going on behind the closed-door negotiations, but if he is sticking to his anti-union and anti-middle class agenda, then I can only guess that the administration’s view of ‘bad faith’ negotiations is disingenuous. I again call on Governor Rauner and his administration to work with the General Assembly, to work with the unions, and to help get the State of Illinois back on track. We can make Illinois strong again, but we must work together.”

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