Senator Mulroe meets with Victoria Prince and other studentsSPRINGFIELD – Students from across the state visited the state capitol building today to encourage legislators to fully fund the higher education and MAP Grant line items for the FY16 budget. Victoria Prince is a University of Illinois student from Chicago. As a MAP Grant recipient, she was one of the students on hand today at the capitol to explain her need for MAP grants.

“My freshman year I received almost $5,000 from the MAP Grant,” Prince said. “It really helped me afford school and I don’t think I would have selected to stay in state without it. I know a lot of stories about how tuition out of state is better just because they have more financial aid than Illinois is currently providing; so that’s why I think higher education is so important, to keep a lot of students in Illinois and keep up Illinois’ economy.”

State colleges and universities have been fronting the bill for MAP Grants for the first semester of the school year, but college and university presidents have advised the General Assembly that their facilities can no longer shoulder that burden as they move into the spring semester.

Senator John Mulroe (D-Chicago) was an early advocate for higher education funding in the spring.

“As the son of an immigrant, I understand first-hand how difficult it is to pay for higher education,” Mulroe said. “Unfortunately, times have changed and you simply cannot work and go to college anymore. These kids are working two to three jobs on top of the financial aid they receive. We can’t break our promise to them.”

The General Assembly passed HB 4146, but the measure was vetoed by the governor. A second funding measure, SB2043 remains in the House.


Click below for audio from Victoria Prince.

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Senator MulroeCHICAGO – In response to the recent announcement from the comptroller’s office that Illinois will skip its November pension payments, Senator John G. Mulroe  (D-Chicago) has issued the following statement:

“We have made great progress in the last four years in making our pension payments that have been escalating during that time. It's unfortunate that the governor is unwilling to talk about the budget and our obligations to make pension payments. They are directly connected. The failure to make mandated pension payments will end up hurting everyone in the state; this decision will lead to a downgrade in bond ratings, further damaging our financial outlook. It's time for the governor to put aside his non-budget related agenda and deal with what's of immediate concern.”

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Aerial view of O'Hare Runway 10R-28L was commissioned today at O’Hare following the implementation of the O’Hare Modernization Plan (OMP). The new runway at the south of the airfield, which aligns roughly with Irving Park Road, brings the number of east-west parallel runways to five.

While it is not disputed that O’Hare is a valuable economic engine of the state as well as the country—employing tens of thousands of Illinois residents—the resulting increase of noise due to the OMP and the new runway have and continue to negatively impact the residents of the 10th district.

While I acknowledge that the City of Chicago and the Federal Aviation Administration have listened to the concerns of O’Hare’s neighbors by hosting meetings between residents and aviation officials from the city and federal levels, their response has been insufficient to address the noise issue which has not disappeared.

I urge the CDA and FAA to re-evaluate this decade old plan to find how O'Hare can continue to thrive while bringing relief to its neighbors.

This decade old plan anticipated an increase to capacity and an increase in efficiency at the airport. Ultimately, the goal was to have six east-west runways and to eliminate the existing diagonal runways. To date, capacity has not increased and there has been little, if any, increase in efficiency at the airport. Recently, some have questioned the necessity of the sixth runway due to lack of increased capacity.

Common sense dictates that the decade old plan be re-evaluated because the assumptions that were part of the original plan turned out to be inaccurate. The existing diagonal runways should remain an option for solving the noise problem while the plan is being re-evaluated.

I am committed to working with officials at any level of government to ensure that the people’s voices aren’t drowned out by the jet noise. Residents want and deserve relief from the noise, and that’s what we should be working towards.

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The recent passage of SB54 into Public Act 99-0407 is monumental in the detection of cancer in women. But don't just take my word for it. Here is a recent letter from Dr. Deepa Cyriac, M.D. to Springfield's State Journal-Register. It is truly a marvelous thing when legislation and the communities it affects can come together like this.

For more information regarding this legislation, please click here.

Dr. Deepa Cyriac's letter to the SJR

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O'Hare Noise Complaints



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