Senator Mulroe discusses legislation on the Senate floorSPRINGFIELD – Thanks to new screening methods such as tomosynthesis, breast cancer occurrences have been steadily decreasing since the early 2000’s. A new law sponsored by Senator John Mulroe (D-CHICAGO) adding the screening method to the list of covered low-dose screenings was signed today by the governor.

“This is a medically proven screening method that increases detection rates and because of its sensitivity, helps reduce unnecessary call backs during an already stressful time,” Mulroe said. “It is a good practice to keep the medical industry moving forward when the technology is available.”

Previous technologies only took a single dimension view of breast tissue when screening for cancerous cells. Tomosynthesis, also known as a 3D mammogram, takes a multidimensional view of the breast during the screening. As a result, a 3D mammogram has a higher success rate of detecting cancerous cells that are often difficult to detect, due to either size or dense breast tissue.

Senate Bill 54 amends the insurance code by adding tomosynthesis to the list of definitions of low-dose mammograms. As a result, the insurance mandate will cover 3D mammograms as well as the traditional 2D mammograms.

“This law will not only help save lives of at-risk women who may not have known about this technology or may not have been previously covered, but also save them from additional stress and discomfort,” Mulroe said. “It is our duty to protect the health and well-being of people in this state, and if we can save them time, money and emotional hardship then that is a bonus.”

The law becomes effective July 1, 2016.

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Senator Mulroe on the floorSPRINGFIELD – Individuals charged with assaulting a first responder acting in the line of duty will face greater penalties under a new law sponsored in the Senate by Senator John Mulroe (D-Chicago). The proposal was signed into law by the governor today.

The language of the proposal would charge individuals who assault first responders acting in the line of their duties with a Class 4 felony rather than a misdemeanor.

“The men and women who dedicate their lives to public safety need to be afforded protections for their safety when they are hard at work protecting our lives,” Mulroe said. “Every day these men and women work hard to keep our streets safe. With these proposals we are doing more to ensure they stay safe.”

Under the previous Criminal Code of 2012, an individual who assaulted a first responder in the line of duty was charged with a Class A misdemeanor provided a weapon was not used. The language in the new proposal states those charges would automatically become a Class 4 felony.  The sentence for a Class 4 felony can carry anywhere from one to three years in prison.

The law becomes effective January 1, 2016.

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052115CM1069 rSPRINGFIELD – Municipal police stations and county sheriff’s offices will soon be equipped with AED (automated external defibrillator) machines thanks to a new measure sponsored in the Senate by Senator John Mulroe (D-Chicago). The proposal was signed into law by the governor today.

“AED’s are proven to save lives when used in emergency situations,” Sen. Mulroe said. “The fact that even a small percentage of police and sheriff’s offices do not have these machines is cause for alarm. This plan seeks to change that.”

Police officers are often placed in intense situations within seconds causing extreme stress on their bodies and health, and officers have died as a result. The proposal will affect only those facilities with 100 or more employees.

Under the original AED Act, county sheriffs and municipal police departments are exempt from civil liability. The proposal will affect only those facilities with 100 or more employees.

“This is a very common-sense plan that seeks to empower, equip and protect those who we task with serving and protecting us with the knowledge and tools they need to protect each other and others,” Mulroe said.

The proposal, which saw overwhelming support in both chambers, goes into effect January 1, 2016.

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Mulroe on the senate floorSPRINGFIELD – The number of runways allotted to O’Hare International Airport is officially raised from eight to ten thanks to a proposal introduced in the Senate by State Senator John Mulroe (D-Chicago). The measure was signed into law by the governor today.

“We wanted to get the FAA and the City of Chicago to engage us in the conversation about the ill effect the noise was having on the residents in mine and others’ districts,” Mulroe said. “It had become clear to us that the noise problem greatly escalated following the completion of the O’Hare Modernization Program.”

The O’Hare Modernization Act was passed in 2000 with the intention of increasing efficiency and safety of the airport by adding multiple parallel runways to accommodate the greater number of East-West travelers. The number of noise complaints in January 2015 was 39,500, whereas the number of complaints the previous January was 1,357 prior to the opening of a new parallel East-West runway.

The language of the new law would allow O’Hare to keep the existing runways intact, including the existing diagonal runways, which allowed air traffic to be more evenly distributed. During the passage of this bill and a companion proposal, the City of Chicago began to decommission one of the diagonal runways leading to the issuance of a Memorandum of Understanding between all involved parties delaying any further work until previously agreed upon open house meetings with the public are held.

“The goal was to involve the community and hopefully address some of the very real concerns that people are having about the noise levels and the decreasing property values,” Mulroe said. “While it is unfortunate that the decommissioning process began prior to these meetings being held, I am optimistic that all involved parties will be able to walk away at the end of this process satisfied.”

Under the new law, more families would be eligible for sound proofing. The law becomes effective January 1, 2016.

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