Mulroe at Ebinger

SPRINGFIELD – Today State Senator John Mulroe (D-Chicago) voted to override Gov. Rauner’s veto of Senate Bill 2822 to support Chicago Public Schools.

“I am incredibly disappointed that Gov. Rauner chose to veto this legislation,” said State Senator Jon Mulroe (D-Chicago). “This is a situation where politics gets personal. It’s our children and the future citizens of Chicago that will pay the price for his action today.”

Senate Bill 2822 creates pension parity between the Chicago Public School system and schools around the state. It ensures the sustainability of their pension system by requiring an actuarially required contribution.

“We need to protect the future of our state by supporting our public school system,” Mulroe said. “Gov. Rauner went back on his agreement and I’m happy to push back and support CPS.”

The Senate voted to override the governor’s veto and passed the legislation to the House for further consideration.

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