mulroe-tafthsCHICAGO – Construction was scheduled to begin  this month on long overdue repairs and renovations to William Howard Taft High School on the City’s northwest side.

The $17 million construction project will address some of the school's most seriously needed repairs. Clouded windows will be replaced, all nine science labs will be updated and renovated, the exterior crumbling brick will be patched and repaired, multiple areas of water damage will be fixed and the school's lockers will all be replaced.

“I welcome the opportunity to partner with the City to address the severity of the deterioration at Taft and for providing a remedy to the problem,” said Senator Mulroe, who was instrumental in working with city and officials in getting the construction project included in the City’s budget plan. “Our kids deserve a safe building and functional resources so that they can focus their attention on their studies.”

Taft's utilization rate is 146 percent, with 3,195 students attending class in a building with an ideal capacity of 2,184 students, making it one of the most crowded Chicago Public Schools high schools, according to data released by the district.

“Taft has been forgotten about and that neglect shows,” Alderman Mary O’Conner said, “These investments will help ensure that many more generations of students will have the resources they need to earn a world class education at one Chicago’s finest neighborhood schools.”

Construction is expected to last through the remainder of the school year and into the summer.

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mulroe-committee-22614SPRINGFIELD –As the populations of nursing homes and other long term care facilities increase, State Senator John G. Mulroe (D-10th) is working to ensure equal access to quality care and to make sure that services keep up with the growing population’s needs.

“Nursing home residents are our parents, family members and friends,” Mulroe said. “We need to make sure that they have access to care, mental health considerations and equipment.”

As Chairman of the Senate Public Health Committee, Mulroe has been working to ensure that all Illinois residents are provided the best care possible regardless of insurability, socioeconomic factors or age.  Further, he feels that quality of life should not be diminished just because a person enters an assisted living facility.

In fact, his committee approved a series of proposals aimed at improving the lives of nursing home residents yesterday.

Senate Bill 2968 aligns Illinois regulations with the new federal guidelines for the closure of nursing homes. Current Illinois regulations for nursing home closure are in conflict with the new federal regulations.  This could cause confusion establishing a timeframes for closing nursing homes and could lead to further confusion regarding the proper amount of notice to give to residents.

By complying with federal requirements, Illinois nursing homes will be streamlining their closure process and reducing inconsistencies and duplicative or conflicting notifications.

Senate Bill 3028 clarifies that the health needs of a nursing home patient include both their physical needs and their mental health needs.  While physical needs are always taken into account in an emergency situation involving transfer or discharge, mental health needs are not always taken into consideration. The proposal clarifies the intent of the law to ensure that nursing home staff consider patients’ mental needs in emergency situations to protect the patients and others.

Senate Bill 3048 ensures that nursing home residents and their providers have the same legal protections that would be available to them if they were in another care setting by adding nursing homes to the definition of ‘provider’ under the HMO Act and the Managed Care Reform & Patient Rights Act. Nursing home residents have historically lacked access to specialists and other protections that to people in other care settings.

The proposal also eases the burden on nursing home providers. By incorporating nursing homes into the definition of providers, the nursing home providers will have to appeal less service denials on behalf of residents.

Mulroe is a co-sponsor of all three proposals.

“We need to protect our loved ones and ensure that they receive the best care possible,” Mulroe said.

Each of the nursing home improvement measures passed the Senate Public Health Committee without opposition.

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TownhomeConstructionSPRINGFIELD – The Senate today passed a homeowner protection measure out of its chamber that would allow condominium owners to pursue claims for shoddy and substandard craftsmanship.

Senator John G. Mulroe (D-10th) is the sponsor of the proposal that protects condominium associations by allowing them to seek legal recourse when the common areas of a building are found to be defective.

As condominiums are built, developers draft initial declarations and bylaws.  There have been occasions where developers have drafted bylaws in a way that made it difficult for condo purchasers to file legal claims if the common areas of the building turned out to be structurally unsound or had any other significant flaw. 

If someone intentionally uses substandard parts or labor on common areas, like roofs or foundation, Mulroe’s proposal protects condominium associations and their members in the way that was originally intended under the Condominium Property Act by allowing the board of directors to seek judicial relief against their condominium declarations if the declarations are contrary to the interests of the unit purchasers.

“Cutting corners on projects to save time and cost is wrong, but doing so purposefully, knowing that the unit purchaser will have no legal recourse is even worse,” Mulroe said. “We need to make these changes to the law so that consumers are protected from these sorts of scenarios.”

Current law makes getting around some condominium legal methods very difficult.  These difficulties can result in unsold units and uninhabitable buildings. Mulroe’s proposal gives the condo board the right to sue the person responsible for the substandard work, even if the person responsible is the developer.

“The inability to address these problems adds to the housing slump and foreclosure crisis that we have been working so hard to recover from,” Mulroe continued.

The legislation, Senate Bill 2892, will now move to the House of Representatives for further consideration.

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