This week is Youth Violence Prevention week, and with that in mind, State Senator John Mulroe (D-10) is focusing some of his legislative efforts on making our state safer for Illinois youth.


Senate Bill 1399 removes the statute of limitations for actions based on childhood sexual abuse. Under current law, the statute of limitations to report childhood sexual abuse is 20 years from the date the victim recalls the abuse. The bill, on which Senator Mulroe is a co-sponsor, would remove the statute of limitations altogether, allowing a person to bring an action based on childhood sexual abuse at any time.


“As we have seen in many cases, people are often well into their adult lives before they are psychologically capable of coming forward about abuse inflicted on them as children,” Sen. Mulroe said. “By then, the timetable may have run out, making it impossible to prosecute their perpetrator.”


Schools will become safer places for children with the implementation of another child-focused piece of legislation. Mulroe is also sponsoring an anti-bullying bill which would allow school social workers to establish and deliver anti-bullying programs. The bill also gives school social workers authority to develop and implement bullying intervention plans, as well as long-term prevention programs.


“We want our children to feel safe at school, so their primary focus can be their education,” Sen. Mulroe said. “Beginning bullying awareness and prevention in our schools at an early age, and allowing certified specialists who already work there to implement programs to combat bully violence will make our schools safer, more positive environments for all students.”

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State Senator John Mulroe (D-10) along with 29 of his colleagues passed legislation out of the Senate today that makes reforms to the teachers retirement system.


The bill gives active employees a choice in how they wish to receive a portion of their retirement benefits. They are asked to choose between cost of living adjustments or health insurance upon their retirement.


This change would show and immediate savings to the unfunded pension liability of $4.7 billion and will save the state $18 billion or more over the next 30 years.


“This has been an issue we have been grappling with for a number of years and I believe that today, we took a significant step in righting the wrongs of our predecessors and addressing the pension crisis in Illinois,” Sen. Mulroe said. “I hope we can continue this momentum with other pieces of pension legislation.”


This bill’s sponsor believes it maintains the strongest argument for constitutionality. Legislators worry the passage of legislation that was judicially determined to be unconstitutional would waste both time and money on court proceedings and cancel out any pension savings that could have been garnered for the year.


“We learned a long time ago we can’t make everyone happy on this issue…on any issue for that matter, but this bill, and its companion pension legislation, comes the closest to achieving real reforms while doing the least amount of damage to the retirement security of our public employees.”


No Senate Republicans voted on the measures, which will now be taken up in the House of Representatives.

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State Senator John Mulroe (D-10) is continuing his efforts to solve the foreclosure crisis and provide mortgage relief to Illinois residents.

Senate Bill 56, the first of a series of foreclosure protection bills introduced in the 98th General Assembly, was passed out of the Senate on Wednesday.  The bill, on which Sen. Mulroe is a co-sponsor, extends the expiration date of a statute that was enacted in 2009 to offer relief to homeowners struggling with their mortgages.  The statute requires that lenders give homeowners 30 days notice to seek housing counseling before filing a default on a home loan.  Should a homeowner decide to seek counseling, the lender is required to grant an additional 30 days to work out a settlement before a foreclosure action may be filed with the courts.  The statute was set to expire on July 1, 2013, however Senate Bill 56 extends the date of expiration to 2016.

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