State Senator John Mulroe (D-10) along with 29 of his colleagues passed legislation out of the Senate today that makes reforms to the teachers retirement system.


The bill gives active employees a choice in how they wish to receive a portion of their retirement benefits. They are asked to choose between cost of living adjustments or health insurance upon their retirement.


This change would show and immediate savings to the unfunded pension liability of $4.7 billion and will save the state $18 billion or more over the next 30 years.


“This has been an issue we have been grappling with for a number of years and I believe that today, we took a significant step in righting the wrongs of our predecessors and addressing the pension crisis in Illinois,” Sen. Mulroe said. “I hope we can continue this momentum with other pieces of pension legislation.”


This bill’s sponsor believes it maintains the strongest argument for constitutionality. Legislators worry the passage of legislation that was judicially determined to be unconstitutional would waste both time and money on court proceedings and cancel out any pension savings that could have been garnered for the year.


“We learned a long time ago we can’t make everyone happy on this issue…on any issue for that matter, but this bill, and its companion pension legislation, comes the closest to achieving real reforms while doing the least amount of damage to the retirement security of our public employees.”


No Senate Republicans voted on the measures, which will now be taken up in the House of Representatives.

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State Senator John Mulroe (D-10) is continuing his efforts to solve the foreclosure crisis and provide mortgage relief to Illinois residents.

Senate Bill 56, the first of a series of foreclosure protection bills introduced in the 98th General Assembly, was passed out of the Senate on Wednesday.  The bill, on which Sen. Mulroe is a co-sponsor, extends the expiration date of a statute that was enacted in 2009 to offer relief to homeowners struggling with their mortgages.  The statute requires that lenders give homeowners 30 days notice to seek housing counseling before filing a default on a home loan.  Should a homeowner decide to seek counseling, the lender is required to grant an additional 30 days to work out a settlement before a foreclosure action may be filed with the courts.  The statute was set to expire on July 1, 2013, however Senate Bill 56 extends the date of expiration to 2016.

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Mulroe-McGuire-Morrison-020613br0509State Senator John Mulroe (D-10) issued the following statement today after the Senate passed healthcare expansion legislation (SB 26) out of its chamber.

“There are over 8,000 needy people in the 10th District who will benefit from this proposal. No matter which side of the aisle one leans toward, helping the less fortunate in our communities should always be a bipartisan goal.”


Key components of Senate Bill 26:

  • All adults with incomes at or below 138 percent of the Federal Poverty Limit ($15,415 for an individual) will be able to enroll in Medicaid starting January 1, 2014. Currently, adults are eligible for Medicaid only if they have disabilities or care for dependent children.
  • The federal government will reimburse Illinois for 100 percent of the costs of covering these newly eligible enrollees through 2017.
  • The reimbursement rate will decrease gradually after 2017 but stay at 90 percent after 2020.
  • If the federal government fails to reimburse the state at 90 percent or above, the newly eligible clients will become ineligible; Illinois will not be stuck with the bill.

Expected benefits include

  • Access to routine, coordinated care for 342,000 low-income adults
  • Fewer unnecessary and uncompensated emergency room visits
  • An influx of $1.1 billion in federal dollars in the first year and more than $12 billion in federal funds in the first eight years of the expansion
  • Job creation in the health care sector
  • $105 million in annual savings to the state as federal funds replace state expenditures on mental health, HIV/AIDS drugs and other areas of spending
  • A reduction in the burden on hospitals and local government currently caring for the uninsured
  • Better preventive care and mental health care for a vulnerable segment of the population
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HB 3636 2State Senator John Mulroe (D-10th) attended a bill signing ceremony on Monday for legislation he sponsored to help the construction industry in Illinois. The new law clarifies the Mechanics Lien Act, ensuring that if a project that a contractor is working on goes under, the contractor will receive a greater share of the payment from the foreclosure proceedings.

The Mechanics Lien Act was initially established to protect those furnishing the materials and labor for construction of buildings and public improvements. A recent court case allocated a higher percentage of the proceeds to the lender than to the unpaid contractors, resulting in a lower payment to those who worked on and supplied materials for the project.

Mulroe sponsored the legislation at the request of the construction industry.  With the clarification of the Mechanics Lien Act, small-business contractors will be given a greater percentage of the proceeds from the foreclosure. The end result will encourage suppliers to continue extending credit to contractors.

The 10th District includes North West Chicago and all or parts of the following communities: Niles, Des Plaines, Rosemont, Park Ridge, Norridge, Harwood Heights, Schiller Park, Franklin Park, Elmwood Park and River Grove.

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