Senator Mulroe in a committee hearingSPRINGFIELD – Patients with chronic conditions often juggle multiple medications and several trips to the pharmacy. Senate Bill 1546, introduced by State Senator John Mulroe (D-Chicago), seeks to streamline that process by allowing patients to synchronize their prescription refills so that they can pick them up at the same time.

“I hope that this legislation will make managing a chronic condition a little easier,” Mulroe said. “By streamlining the logistics of prescription refills, I aim to relieve some of the stress of a chronic condition. SB 1546 will also simplify the refill process for pharmacies.”

Studies have shown that prescription synchronization increases patient adherence to medication directions. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, medications are not taken as prescribed 50 percent of the time. Over $100 billion are spent annually as a result of prescription non-adherence.


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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator John Mulroe (D-Chicago) issued the following statement on the motion filed by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to stop paychecks to state workers until a budget is approved:

052516 js 0284cr“Governor Rauner has neglected his constitutional obligation to present the legislature with a balanced budget for nearly two years. If he had engaged in budget negotiations rather than holding them hostage until he received portions of his turnaround agenda, we would not be in this situation. All of this could have been avoided had the governor presented a balanced budget.

“I am willing to engage in budget conversations and make cuts where necessary. I think it’s important that we ensure that core services like higher education and social services receive proper funding. I want to fulfill the legislature’s responsibility to appropriate funds.

“This budget impasse has been detrimental to our state, and the Attorney General’s motion just adds to our budget crisis. I will fight for our state workers and for the families across Illinois that are being unduly influenced by the governor’s inaction. We need a solution for all services now.”


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Sen. Mulroe on Inauguration DaySPRINGFIELD – The Senate President and Senate Minority Leader will now be limited to five terms each under a rule change supported by State Senator John Mulroe (D-Chicago).

“This rule change sends a clear message to the people of Illinois that we are listening, and we in the Senate agree that Senate leadership should not have that much power for too long,” Mulroe said. “Changing leaders every 10 years will help bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to the Senate.”

The rule goes into effect immediately and does not require the governor’s signature.

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Mulroe Property Tax EventIf you feel your property has been over-assessed, you can file an appeal with the Cook County Assessor’s Office and the Board of Review.

Filing with the Assessor’s Office is the first step in the process; the Board of Review is the second step. It is a free service to help you lower your property taxes. The Board of Review does not have the power to raise your property value.

Individuals can represent themselves when appealing the property tax assessment for their home. Commercial property owners need legal representation to appeal.

Properties are reassessed every three years. The Assessor’s Office has a strict 30 day window for each township to appeal. You can appeal your property assessment with the Board of Review at any time, but it is recommended to file an appeal the same year the property is assessed to maximize savings. You can pre-file your appeal with the Board of Review in August of the year your neighborhood is being assessed.

A few grounds for appealing your property assessment include:

  • The property was purchased within three years prior to the appeal year for less than the assessor’s value of the property;
  • Errors in the description of the property, such as incorrect square footage;
  • Damage from fire, flooding or other casualty;
  • Similar nearby properties are assessed at lower values;

Appealing your property assessment is as simple as filling out this complaint form and filing it through the Board of Review’s website. To complete the form you will need your property index number, which can be found on the second installment of your property tax bill.

Submitting evidence, such as pictures of property damage or paperwork from the recent purchase of the property is voluntary. You can submit comparable properties with lower assessment rates as evidence, but the Board of Review office can also help you find similar properties.

Applying for an exemption is an easy way to reduce your property tax bill. Exemptions such as those available for senior citizens or veterans are handled through the Assessor’s Office.

A common misconception when appealing property taxes is that requesting a hearing will reduce your property taxes. Owners have a right to a hearing, but it is optional and does not guarantee a reduction.

For more information, visit the Board of Review’s website or call Commissioner Michael Cabonargi’s office at 312-603-5560.

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