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A Brief Overview of Wood Chippers

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Wood chippers are an essential tool, especially for landscapers and gardeners. Nevertheless, many people assume that wood chippers and shredders are the same. If you are one of them, then you have come to the right place. This article discusses the various aspects of wood chippers to help you understand its functions and types.

What are Wood Chippers?

A wood chipper is a powered machine that cuts the wood into sawdust or smaller chips. Unlike shredders, wood chippers are capable of reducing both fresh and dry wood. Typically, this machine consists of several essential parts, such as the collar, hopper, chipper, and collection bin. All these components function together to get the job done. Many people consider this tool to be suitable only for commercial use without realizing that there are many models available in the market for home use. If your home yard has shrubs, bushes, or fallen branches and twigs that require regular maintenance, then a wood chipper is what you need. Moreover, you can use the produced chips as compost or for your flowerbed.

A wood chipper comes in different styles and sizes, but the function is the same. However, the first variation that you are most likely to encounter when it comes to wood chippers is the power source. You can either choose an electric-powered or gas-powered wood chipper. The former is less expensive and requires less maintenance, but you will not be able to use in off-grid places. On the other hand, gas-powered wood chippers are easy to work anywhere, although they require oil, gas, and engine maintenance.    

Types of Wood Chippers

There are mainly three types of wood chippers, distinguished by design and how they perform the work.

  • Disc Chippers:

Disc chippers are the oldest type of wood chippers, mainly used for commercial purposes. It operates using hydraulics to power the large wheels. It consists of large components and requires high horsepower to operate. As such, it can manage large pieces of wood with a diameter capacity of 16 to 18 inches. Nevertheless, disc chippers are less energy efficient.

  • Drum Chippers:

It consists of a bulky steel drum with horizontally set blades. With the help of a motor, the drum rotates towards the output chute. This type of wood chipper is significantly efficient in handling large materials but not the best choice for smaller materials.

  • Screw Chippers:

This type of wood chipper is available in varied models, and it is an ideal choice for homeowners. It consists of a blade set in a conical shape, and can effectively cut through all sorts of materials. However, you need to change the blade for changing the chip size.


To sum up, wood chippers are a handy tool for both commercial and residential use. When it comes to landscape maintenance, wood chippers can be an ultimate addition to your machinery collection. It not only makes your life easier, but you can use the produced chips for mulching or composting purposes. Moreover, owning a wood chipper is significantly cheaper than opting for a rental chipper. Wood chippers also come in various types, each for different applications. As such, you should choose the one that meets your needs.

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