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How to Choose the Right Bikes for Kids

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With a considerable number of brands, bikes for kids come in various styles, designs, and sizes. As such, for buyers with no prior experience, selecting the best bikes for kids can be taunting. If you are clueless about how to pick a suitable bike for your kids, then this article is for you. By the end of this article, you will be ready to choose a bike that is suitable for your kids.

Ways to choose the right bike for kids

If you want to choose the perfect bikes for your kids, then you should remember these essential points:

  1. Familiarize with the size chart: 

When it comes to bikes for kids, the wheel size determines the size of the bikes. It means that the size of the bike will increase with the increase in wheel size. To make things easier for you, we have come up with a rough indication of size chart in the table below:

Wheel Size (in inch)Recommended AgeChild Height (in feet)Inseam (in inch)
  • Know the height and age of your kids:

Every bike comes with a recommended age and height, as shown in the table above. Whether you are looking for a mountain bike or a balance bike, you should always know the age and height of your kids. Choose a bike for your kids based on their age and height will help allow them to learn faster. It will also enhance their riding experience.

  • Measure your child’s inseam:

Another way to choose the right bike size for your kids is by measuring the inseam. You can measure your kid’s inseam by following three simple steps.

  • Let your child stand alongside a wall with the legs slightly spread apart.
  • Place a book between the legs and lift it towards the crotch.
  • Mark the point when the edge of the book meets the wall.
  • You should measure from the floor to the mark, which will be your child inseam.
  • Consider a Straddle test:

Straddle test is an effective way when it comes to choosing a proper fit bike for kids. You should ensure that your kid is wearing the shoes for biking when trying out a straddle test. But what should you look for when your kid is trying a new bike? Following are some essential things that you should pay close attention:

  • The clearance for a boy’s bike should be one to three inches, while it should be at least one inch for girls.
  • Both feet should reach the floor for stability when they sit on the saddle.
  • The foot on the pedal should have a slightly bent knee.
  • You should ensure that the saddle is not too low as it can make the peddling significantly hard.
  • Your kids should be able to comfortably grip the handlebars without fully extending their arms.
  • Additional things to consider:

Experts suggest the following essential things that can genuinely make a bike comfortable and fun to ride:

  • Your kid should be able to pull the brakes levers without any difficulties.
  • Your kids should be able to comfortably grip the handlebars without fully extending their arms. To ensure a firm grip, we recommend a bike with slightly smaller handlebars.
  • The pedals and cranks should be in proportion with the rest of the bike.


To sum up, these are some essential things that you should keep in mind when choosing bikes for kids. It will help you to pick the right bike for your kid that fits appropriately and provides enjoyable rides.

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